Our Mission

Our Mission at HELLO Car Wash is to provide a clean, dry and shiny car by using the most technologically advanced equipment in the world. We will work hard to earn your respect through our involvement in the community and our commitment to provide you with a great car wash experience every time you come through. We are strongly committed to being a good neighbor to our environment and the planet. We have invested in the very best and environmentally efficient equipment in the world.”

Proud members of

the community and

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Our Linear Technology

We’ve invested in the best technology in the world, so we could provide you with the squeakiest clean and the greatest experience. Our linear technology automatically adjusts to the contours of your vehicle and rotates as it reaches the rear of the car for optimal cleaning.


The right material for gentle exterior car washing.  
Our SofTecs technology keeps car paintwork looking shiny and leaves no signs of deposits on the vehicles.

Our blow dry system

Flexible combination of roof and side dryer in contour tracking and linear travel. 

The contour tracking of the overhead dryers with a fixed or rotary roof nozzle permits drying close up to vehicles—for optimum drying results.

As an eco-friendly car wash, all of our exterior and express car wash services provide up to 40% lower energy consumption compared to systems without contour-tracking linear technology.

Hello! FoamSensation

Foam car wash with Wow factor. The perfect complement to the foam pre-wash used to date: Hello! FoamSensation covers the entire vehicle with a voluminous, colorfully illuminated foam curtain. This makes exterior car washing a spectacular experience. The attractive LED lighting conveys our freshness and cleanliness.

Hello! Deluxe 
Car Wash 
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Hello! Deluxe

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